Untitled-Armillary is a sculpture made by Maine metal sculptor, Patrick Plourde. Casco Bay Sunrise Rotary Club headed up the financial donors of a $10,000 grant to honor Portland Trails with a compass-like monument.  Portland Trails donated the piece to the City in 1999.

The original plan was for a large compass embedded in the concrete walkway.  The plan evolved and support developed for a sculpture to better mark the beginning of the trail, something more visible. Plourde proposed a 10’ armillary, and after several meetings with the advisory committee decided on a globe design of the continents.  A rod passes through the sphere that casts shadows and acts as a sundial.

There are many forms fitted together that make up the continents on the armillary. These are Maine-based icons that include 2 lobsters, 1 crab, 2 sharks, 1 bear, 1 pine tree, 1 seashell, 3 fish , 1 Rotary Logo, 1 hunt scene, 1 kelp leaf, 2 dogs, 1 skier, 1 sailboat, 1 lighthouse, 2 loons, 1 moose, 1 canoeist, 1 LL Bean boot, and 1 Maine guide.

The armillary sits on flanges that have been bolted into the concrete walkway underneath.  This is to help add stability and allow the sphere to move with the sidewalk in the case of frost heaves.

Art in Our Front Yard The Armillary from Portland Public Art Committee on Vimeo.