1 Snowy Owl

Story #5: On this spot in 2014, one snowy owl took up residence.

There are some stories about One India Street, the lone historic brick building that was the train station that was Mile 0.0 for the Grand Trunk RR which ran from that spot up to Canada. 

I got a job in 1999 working for Portland Trails (Education/Outreach) when it occupied the second floor corner closest to Commercial and the water, and we were there until we outgrew the space in 2004 or later.  ILAP was on the first floor. Water was beginning to come in the windows on the ocean side when it rained. PT is now at 305 Commercial, and I still work for the org.  The main story I think of now is about the snow owl who took up residency last year enjoying the pigeons who were living on the third floor.   –Laura Newman

Snowy owls are an uncommon sight in Southern Maine. They migrated south due to starvation. This event inspired the creation of a children’s book called A Snowy Owl Story. The book explores migration patterns in relation to food scarcity.