Outdoor Market, 2019

Story #18: On this spot in 2019 there was an outdoor market like they do in Italy.

Jeff Reali owns Reali Reality located at 129 Newbury Street. His mom grew up in the neighborhood. His father owns Amato’s. In collecting stories about the neighborhood, I asked Jeff what he wished for its future. Jeff remembers a time when people sat on their steps in the evening and talked to each other. Within an hour he came up a list of wishes. His first wish was for an outdoor market to take over one of the neighborhood streets. A trip to Italy inspired this wish. Jeff also wishes The Village Café would re-open as a pop-up. He wishes archival photographs of the neighborhood would be projected on the buildings, reminding residents and visitors of its past. Jeff is the unofficial public artist of Portland Brick. We would love to see all these projects happen.

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