Priscilla and Loretta’s Shoes, 1956

Story #20: On this spot in 1956, Priscilla and Loretta’s shoes could be heard click clacking on their way to church.

Marianne Reali grew up in The India Street Neighborhood. One grandmother lived in the same building, another lived “within shouting distance”. Marianne’s parents were very strict. She and her sister were not allowed to leave the block where they grew up. They were not allowed to walk down to the waterfront because it was dangerous. Marianne remembers getting ready for church every week and hearing Priscilla and Loretta’s fancy shoes click clacking down the street towards St. Peters. Marianne remains a strong presence in the Italian American community of Portland. She was the first female president of The Italian Heritage Center. Marianne was pivotal in shaping Portland Brick. She took me to The Italian Heritage Center to meet a bunch of old timers from the neighborhood. Marianne helped me crash a closed poker game. She introduced me to Tony (story #22).

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