Rocco Germani

Story #25: On this spot in 1936, Rocco Germani bought a house for his family of ten.

My family has deep roots on India Street or “Little Italy” as we knew it.  My 92 year old father is still living and has vivid memories of horse drawn deliveries, what business was in each storefront, etc.  My father’s family lived in this home all through the 1900’s and even the third generation lived there until my cousin who inherited the home sold it in 1999. My Grandfather donated the back portion of his house lot to St. Peter’s Church back in the 60’s so that they would have enough land for their church rectory. –Jean Russo

Rocco Germani bought his family a house for $4,500. He was able to buy his family a house for $4,500 because he hid his money under his mattress rather than depositing it in the bank before The Great Depression. This was a smart move, when Black Friday came the Germani family did not lose all their money and were able to buy the house.