Amato’s made 1,500 Sandwiches, 1930

Story #19: On this spot in 1930 Amato’s made 1,500 sandwiches a day. They cost 15 cents.

Looking at India Street today, it can be hard to imagine that it was once a bustling working class neighborhood. Giovanni Amato started a a small sandwich cart on the nearby docks in 1902 that eventually became Amato’s sandwhich shop located on India Street. In 1972, another Italian immigrant named Dominic Reali bought the business after working at the original Portland shop for seven years. Originally a single shop located on India Street, there are now over 40 Amato’s locations across New England serving sandwhiches, pizza, and pasta. Amato’s inspired the creation of the Subway franchise. Amato’s sandwiches are a favorite of Maine author Stephen King.